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Magic ASCII Studio 2.20

Magic ASCII Studio is an ASCII Art generating software program
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The Magic ASCII Studio 2.2 is an ASCII Art generating software program that enables users to generate ASCII Art from words, photos and animations.
With this program, users can take an image into it and have it processed into a file of color-coded text characters that are combined to resemble the image. Based on the English alphabet, ASCII, (American Standard Code for Information Interchange), codes represent text in computers and other devices that work with text. It was developed from telegraphic codes, and includes 95 printable characters, (one of which is considered invisible).

The first ASCII Art pictures were created in the 1960’s when ASCII was first developed. The ASCII Art medium relied on computers for presentation then but now, with the Magic ASCII Studio 2.2, users are supported by a key feature of this program. The key feature that supports them is one that converts the images to HTML, RTF, BMP and text files, and supports JPG, Gif, BMP, and ICO files, therefore they can present their finished works in many more ways than previously possible.
Magic ASCII Studio 2.2 also features lots of output modes for ASCII Art words, photos, and animations. The program includes a built in Image Editor for processing images quickly and provides many ASCII Art shapes and resources with which users can make their unique artwork. Users can also make artistic signatures for use in their emails with program and make their own ASCII Art animations to put on the Internet. The program allows users to draw their own shapes freely and includes many effects with which users can modify their images.

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